Adding Document Templates to your Plans

Add document templates as an extension to adding grant presets per plan

By attaching document templates to your grant presets, you can create automatic document templating and signature workflows on Ledgy.

Click here for more on grant presets.

To add document templates on grant presets per plan:

  1. Go to Ownership > Transactions > Add Transaction
  2. Equity Plan Transactions > Add plan
  3. Fill in the relevant parameters
  4. Open Templates and Signature workflow
  5. Select or upload Grant template if available
  6. Select or upload Exercise template if available
  7. Click the toggle (green) Create documents from template document if applicable
  8. Click the toggle (green) Prepare Signature Requests from template documents if applicable

Every grant created from this plan will have pre-populated presets and document templates attached. You can still add and change these presets at Plans, Grants and Transactions level if needed:

  • Under Plans: Three Dots > Edit Initial Plan
  • Under Grants: Three Dots > Edit
  • Under Transactions: Three Dots > Edit

For more details on methods of granting options, click here