Adding Vesting Pauses

Vesting pauses are available on Ledgy to keep track of instances when employees go on temporary leave.

If the terms dictate that a pause in vesting is warranted for a certain amount of time, you can add the start and end date on Ledgy.

  1. Go to Equity Plans > Grants

  2. Search for the stakeholder in question and click on the relevant grant, then click on the Edit icon

  3. In the Vesting Section, click on the drop-down Pause Vesting and add the dates between which the vesting should be paused (i.e. the date that the temporary leave started and ended)

    Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 10.36.33

    Note: you can add more than one vesting pause if needed by clicking on Add Pause in the bottom right corner under the first vesting pause

    Note: if you don't have an exact end date yet, it is best to add an approximate one for the time being, which can be edited later on if needed.

  4. Click Save