Creating a pool

You can allocate shares for your employee participation plans by creating a Pool on the Equity Plans section

  1. Go to the Equity Plans > Pools page
  2. Click on the Add pool button on the top right corner and a new window will appear
  3. Fill out the relevant fields, such as the "Pool name", the "Amount allocated for grants", the "Date" of creation of the pool, the "Underlying share class", and select the "Source" (Authorized capital or Reserved shares). 

    Note: The field "Amount allocated for grants" refers to the number of shares allocated (not the cash amount)
  4. Optionally, click on Documents to add any files related to the pool creation
  5. Click Save

What is the difference between Authorized capital and Reserved shares?

  • Authorized Capital: Ledgy will assume the pool is created through the issuance of new shares
  • Reserved Shares: Ledgy will assume the pool is created from existing shares of a specific stakeholder. If you select this option, a new field "From Stakeholder" will appear, where you will be able to select the stakeholder whose shares will be used to create the pool

Note: To add a pool that has been created by a mix of "Authorized capital" and "Reserved shares", you should create an initial pool using one of the sources (e.g. Authorized capital) and then add a pool increase on that same date using the second source (e.g. Reserved Shares)