Setting up employee scenarios

Employee scenarios can be a helpful and engaging tool to show employees how the value of their stake could evolve in the future.

Employee scenarios

Employee scenarios allow you to improve the retention of your employees by allowing them to see the upward potential of their grants.

Depending on the configuration set by the company, employees can see projections of their own stake based on the share values set by the company or on possible valuations selected of the employee, or both. 

Setting up employee scenarios

  1. Go to Ownership > Scenarios

  2. Click on the Employee scenarios button

  3. Enable one or both of the toggles

  4. To define potential future scenarios for employees, the relevant fields are:

    • Event name (Required field): Indicates the name of the future event such as "Present" or "Series B"
    • Probable share value (Required field): Indicates the probable value of one share on the day of the event
    • Estimated time (Optional): Indicates time frame of the event such as "Q2 2023" or "2027"
    • Optimistic/Pessimistic share value (Optional) and Share value (pessimistic): Indicates other possibilities

    Tip: Give employees a reference point by indicating the current share value at your latest valuation in Potential future scenarios and name the event as "Present valuation".

  1. Click Save. 

    Tip: You can check how this scenario may look on an employee dashboard by viewing as a particular stakeholder.

What is shown to employees?

  • If define potential future scenarios is turned off, employees will see a valuation slider with a maximum set to 10 times the latest available valuation.

    In the event that valuations are not shared with employees (Company Settings > General > Hide valuation transactions), 10 billion will be used as the default maximum.