How to set up employee scenarios?

Employee scenarios: how to set them up and what do the employees see.

Employee scenarios

Employee scenarios allow you to improve the retention of your employees by allowing them to see the upward potential of their grants. Employees will see the projections of their own stake, based on the values you provide.

Setting up employee scenarios

  1. Go to Ownership > Scenarios

  2. Click on the Employee scenarios button

  3. Input values to be presented to employees in the predefined fields. Add them in chronological succession, as they will be presented one after the other in their chart.

    • Event name: required field that indicates the name of the future event such as "Present" or "Series B"
    • Estimated time: optional field that indicates time frame of the event such as "Q2 2023", "2027", "Far future" and similar
    • Share value (probable): required field that indicates probable value of one share on the day of the event
    • Share value (optimistic) and Share value (pessimistic): optional fields indicating two extreme possibilities

    Expert advice: give employees a reference point by indicating the current state of their stake. Input the share value at your latest valuation in the first row, and name the event as "Present state" or similar.

  4. Click Save

What is shown to employees?

  • Employee scenarios are shown within the "Future value of your stake" section and represent summed value of granted options and shares
  • Employees only see the impact of the share value on their stake and cannot deduct the valuation of the company, as they do not know the total share numbers within the company
  • When no input is given, employees do not see the "Future value of your stake" section