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How are investment firm performance dashboard numbers computed?

The portfolio performance dashboard gives investors an at-a-glance overview of the key portfolio numbers like cash inflow, outflow, diluted percentage, IRR, and multiple.

How the numbers are computed

  • Currencies: Currencies are converted from the respective company currencies to your portfolio currency at today's exchange rate. These rates are updated once a day.
  • Diluted (%): This is the fully-diluted ownership in this company. Dilution factors can be equity plans or other approved share pools.
  • Investment: Your investment, including convertibles, shares you bought during a financing round, or through a secondary.
  • Proceeds: The cash you received back, including secondary sales, convertible payback, or dividend payout.
  • Value: Current value estimate, including owned shares at the latest valuation, proceeds, and outstanding convertibles. Convertibles are counted with their principal amount.
  • IRR: Yearly internal rate of return, which Ledgy calculates from cash in- and outflows. All cash flows described above in Investment and Proceeds are counted. Outstanding shares are taken into account as if they were sold today at the latest valuation.
  • Multiple: Current multiple estimates, calculated as Value/Investment.