How do I add companies to an investment portfolio?

If you're managing a portfolio of companies and want to see them in the aggregated portfolio view, there are different ways to add a company. This is explained here.

Investor portfolio dashboard showing "add investment" and "invite company" buttons

Through an email invitation

Most of the time a founder or other person manages the company on Ledgy. They can invite you to add your investment to your portfolio. After they did that, you can:

  1. Click the accept invitation button in the email
  2. Select the portfolio to add the company to, if you have multiple ones
  3. View the current stake on the portfolio dashboard, and the transaction history on the portfolio history page

Directly as an admin of the company

If you are an admin of the company yourself, there's the following quick-add:

  1. Go to the company you would like to add to a portfolio (you need to have admin access)
  2. Go to the stakeholder page and navigate to the stakeholder whose investment you want to add the portfolio
  3. Click the thee-dot-menu on the right and select Add to portfolio
  4. Select the portfolio to add the investment to

Note: In order for the above to work, the stakeholder must be involved in transactions and the transactions have to be published.

Manually add an investment into a portfolio company to your dashboard

Manual portfolio entry

You can add an entry to your portfolio without setting up the full company and cap table. Just use the Add investment button in your portfolio and enter the fields you would like to track.

Invite the company

With the Invite company button you can quickly invite the founder, CFO or company board member. They will receive an email invitation to use Ledgy for equity management and invite you. After setting up their company on Ledgy, they need to follow the steps in the first section to invite you.

The invited company will show up as pending invitation. Once they received the invitation and set up the company on Ledgy, you can remove this entry again by clicking on the three dots on the right and click Remove from portfolio.