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How do I create stakeholders?

How to create a stakeholder

There are 2 ways of creating a stakeholder:

1. On the Stakeholders page by adding a single stakeholder or bulk import multiple at the same time.

2. Everywhere where you create a single transaction e.g. Issue shares or Add grant. You can create a new stakeholder by typing it in the Stakeholder or Beneficiary field and pressing enter.
If it's a bulk transaction (Financing round, Bulk grants), then you first have to add the stakeholder on the Stakeholders page.

Stakeholders play a central role in keeping your information on Ledgy organized.

How to bulk import stakeholders

Before you start:

  • Copy-pasting works best from spreadsheets. You can copy and paste the whole column at once.
  • Make sure the first and last name are in the same cell. If they're not, concatenate them in one cell.
  • If you want to be 100% sure that no one can see the cap table before it's ready, don't add emails to the stakeholders. Without emails, they can't be invited.

The Group column

The group column assigns stakeholders to a specified group. You can group stakeholders into as many groups as you want. Stakeholders with the same group name will be grouped together, so it will be easier for you to find them and, for example, send them group-specific reports.

Examples of groups: Employees, Founders, Series A Investors...

The Legal entity column

The legal entity column specifies whether the stakeholder is a legal entity or not. The importer specifies that it's a natural person automatically. You can change that by double-clicking the cell, this will change the text to say legal.