How do I share recurring updates with investors and other stakeholders?

Just set up a recurring reporting schedule and you will get a notification when a new report is due. Set up a template and which KPIs to include in every report.

Setting up a reporting schedule and template

  • Go to Investor Relations > Reports
  • Click New report schedule
  • Choose a name, interval, start date, KPIs, KPI window size and who to share it with.
    • The KPI window size is the number of data points up to the date of the report to be included in the report. This allows you to include a rolling time window of KPIs. 
    • You can always go back to these settings by clicking the edit icon on a reporting schedule.
  • Either start writing the first report right away or close it and click the Template button to adjust the template for all reports in this schedule.

Writing a report

  • Click Create report to create a new one. It will use the defined template. Click on the created report to open and edit it.
  • Change the font style of existing text, or add a hyperlink, by marking the respective text.
  • Add a new content block by clicking into an empty line, typing "/" or clicking the "+" icon. 
  • There are the following content blocks to choose from:
    • Big, medium or small heading
    • Bulleted or numbered list
    • Table, quote, divider, image or link
  • Any document from the data room can be attached to the report, which will share them with the recipients.

Publishing a report

  • When you're ready to publish your report, click Preview, make sure everything looks good and then click Publish.
  • This will notify all stakeholders that the reporting schedule is shared with. Also, those who weren't invited before will receive an invitation to create an account and add your company to their portfolio.
  • The included KPIs are copied into the report when publishing. When KPIs are updated in the KPIs section, they don't change the ones in the report.
  • A pdf of the report is created and shown under Version History at the bottom. Investors can download this pdf, if they want to archive it.
  • Once published, a report and its content, including KPIs, can't be changed without the stakeholders being notified. This auditability is very important for investors and helps you to keep their trust.
    • If you need to make changes, you need to unpublish, make the changes, and republish.
    • A new pdf export is created and added to Version History.
    • KPIs will be updated with new values if you changed them in the KPIs section.