How to connect and sync from BambooHR?

Ledgy can be connected to BambooHR to automatically sync new employees. This article explains how.

What is synchronized

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address


  • Employees need to have a start/hire date in BambooHR in order to be synchronized
  • Employees are matched to Ledgy stakeholders by their full name

How does Ledgy match existing stakeholders in Ledgy with employees in BambooHR?

Sometimes you have the stakeholder names imported in Ledgy and now you want to import their address or email via the HR sync.

Ledgy matches stakeholders by name and will import the email and address based on the match.

Below you can see examples of non-exact matches that will still result in a match and sync.

  • Letter capitalization: Michael Scott = michael scott
  • Order of first name, last name: Michael Scott = Scott Michael
  • Commas between the first and last name: Michael, Scott = Michael Scott

All of the examples above result in the following match:

Michael Scott = Michael, Scott = Scott, Michael = scott michael = scott, michael = michael scott = michael, scott

How to set it up and run your first sync

  • Go to the company Settings
  • Find the HR integration box and next to click on Update
  • Get the BambooHR API key and your company URL and enter it in Ledgy
  • Now a Sync button appears
  • Clicking the Sync button will fetch a preview from BambooHR of stakeholders to be created or updated
  • Confirming will add/update the stakeholders on Ledgy