How to create a Notice of Exercise using document templating?

With its workflow automation features, Ledgy allows you to automatically fill in a Notice of Exercise template with the variables on Ledgy

Creating the Template 

A notice of exercise usually contains the stakeholder’s details, the date of the exercise, the share price and the amount exercised. 

To create a template that can automatically fill in with the information on Ledgy, you can use the following variables: 

Stakeholder details: 







Date of the exercise: {date}

Strike/exercise price: {sharePrice}

Amount of grants being exercised: {amount}

Amount payable by the stakeholder to exercise the grants: {investment}

If there are more variables in your document template, make sure to have a look at our extensive list of available variables for Ledgy to automatically replace, here.


A notice of exercise template could look similar to this:

Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 16.42.51

Download a Notice of Exercise template, here

Using the Template 

Once the template is created and populated with Ledgy's variables, you may follow the below instructions for uploading the exercising template and generating documents:
  1. Go to the Equity plans > Grants page
  2. Click on Document workflows > Upload and select the Exercising template you'd like to upload
  3. Once it is uploaded, click on the drop-down menu for Option or warrant grant exercising and choose the exercising template, and click Save
  4. Go to the Ownership > Transactions page, find the grants that need to be exercised (you may use the search bar on the top left to help you filter for the correct transactions), hover over the granting transaction, click the Three Dot Menu on the right-hand side and click Exercise options
  5. On the "Exercise Options" window that will pop up, fill in the exercise information needed, click on Document templating and signature workflow and turn on the toggle Create transaction documents for templating  (you may also activate the toggle for Prepare signature requests for template documents if you'd like to create a signature request for the generated document)

    Note: If you have already created the exercise transaction, hover over it and click on the Three Dot MenuCreate documents from templates

By following these steps, the corresponding document will be automatically generated, formatted to pdf, and attached to the exercise transaction.