How to invite people to digitally sign a document?

1. After you’ve successfully created a signature request, you will see the document in your Signatures dashboard. Each document will have a status:

Missing information: Open the document and add the missing information specified in the window.
Ready to start: The document is ready to be signed.

Picture 1

It’s important to remember that you can only edit the signature settings before you invite people to sign. You can edit the signature by clicking the Edit button or by clicking on the three-dotted menu.


2. To start the signing process, click on the Start button and then confirm.

Note: Once you start the signing process you can’t cancel the signature invitation. However, recipients can decline if necessary.



3. Tracking who has/hasn't signed the document

Ledgy tracks the progress and shows you all the information necessary. You can see who still needs to sign the document by hovering over the status.SES12