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How to mark companies as write-off, trade-sale or IPO, or add custom tags?

Companies in the investor portfolio can be marked as write-off, trade-sale or IPO, and also custom status tags can be created.


How to change the status

Simply go to the performance dashboard, look for the company, click the three dots on the right-hand side, and select Change status.

You can select the following status tags:

  • IPO
  • Trade-sale (= Exit)
  • Write-off
  • Custom: By typing in the input field and then pressing enter, you can create your own status tags.

Effects of status tags on the portfolio 

  • Write-off: The current value of the remaining shares owned is set to 0. This affects your portfolio performance, by lowering the multiple and current value. Written-off companies are sorted to the bottom automatically.
  • IPO/trade-sale: They are sorted to the bottom. The performance of the dashboard is not influenced.
  • Custom: They are marked with your tag, but it has no additional effect.