How to create a new signature request?

Learn how to add a new document you'd like digitally signed.

1. In the Menu choose Documents>Signatures.

2. To start, click Add.


3. Then either pick an existing document from the Ledgy data room or upload a new one.

4. To upload a document drop PDF files in the specified field or select files from your computer.


5. Select people that need to sign the document.

You can select groups of people based on the stakeholder group they belong to or, search for specific people by typing their names in the search field.
Only people, not legal entities, can be invited to sign a document. You can add a contact person of a legal entity in the stakeholders list to invite them to sign on behalf of the legal entity.
Note: You can select multiple people.

6. Select the signature quality.

You can read more about the different qualities here or hover over the question mark next to the Signature legal quality text and read the short description there.

7. If necessary, Ledgy will prompt you to add the missing information.

The different types of signatures require different information. For example, for the standard electronic signature (SES), you only need to specify the name and email of a stakeholder and for the advanced electronic signatures (AES) their mobile phone number and nationality have to be added as well.

8. Click Save draft.

This will save the selected settings for the signing of the document.