How to use document templating?

Document templating is a part of workflow automation features included in the Enterprise plan.

Example use cases

  • Grant letters: automation of creation and signing of participation plan documents
  • Soon: Exercising of options with the document templating workflow

How it works

  1. Create a template out of your existing word document or make a brand new one. Learn how, here.
    If you have multiple documents that need to be signed, you can upload them all at the same time.
  2. Upload the template

    Go to the Settings, click Edit in the Document Templates window, and upload the template(s) you want to use for your workflow.
    Click in the dropdown field and select the templates for the grant document workflow.
  3. Assign signatories
    Signatories are people that will automatically be added as signers to every document initiated by the templating workflow. You can always change it manually in the final step before inviting people to sign.

    In Settings, under Equity Management Settings, click the Edit icon. 
    You will see the Signatories field, and that's where you can choose or type in the name(s) of the stakeholder(s).
    Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 7.30.32 PM
  4. Create the option grant on the equity plans page
  5. You can start the automated workflow in 2 ways:
    1. In the window, you can trigger the automated workflows by clicking on the  +Add workflow  and then turn on the toggle for:
      1. Create a grant document from template


      2. Prepare signature requests for these grant documents

    2. In the three-dot-menu of the grant, select Create Signature from Template. 

create signature from template

Creating a grant document from template

The workflow does the following things:

    1. Fills the template with the variables of the grant and grant stakeholder.
    2. Converts the resulting document to pdf.
    3. Attaches the document to the transaction.

Prepare signature requests for these grant documents

    The workflow does the following:

      1. Creates a draft signature invitation for the document created with the template.
      2. After the signatures are received it replaces the document attached to the transactions with the signed document.

    To start the signatures go to Documents > Signatures and click Start to invite the stakeholders to sign.