How to use workflow automation?

Workflow automation is one of the features included in the Enterprise plan. It allows you to automatically fill in your document templates with the variables for the corresponding transactions on Ledgy.

Workflow automation is available for option, phantom, stock, or warrant grants, exercising, and share certificates. Document templates must be in Word.docx format, learn more in our comprehensive guide to each type of document.

Workflow automation does the following things:

    1. Fills the template document with the variables of the transaction and the stakeholder concerned. 
    2. Converts the resulting document to pdf.
    3. Attaches the document to the transaction. 

How it works

  1. Create a template out of your existing word document or make a brand new one with variables on Ledgy.  All variables for templating can be found here.
  2. Upload the template
    1. Go to the company Settings, click Edit in the Document Templates window, and upload the template(s) you want to use for your workflow.
    2. Click in the dropdown field and select the templates for the corresponding document workflow.

  3. You can start the automated workflow in 2 ways:
    1. When creating the transaction (grant, share issuance, exercise), you can trigger the automated workflows by clicking on Document templating and signature workflow and then turning on the toggle for Create transaction documents from templates.

      Screenshot 2020-07-24 at 16.52.23
    2. Once the transaction is already created, click on the three dot menu on the right-hand side and select Create document from Template. Screenshot 2020-07-24 at 16.53.54
  4. The resulting filled in document will then be attached to the transaction. It can also be found in the Data Room. Once the document is created, a signature request can be made and and fulfilled on Ledgy, then the signed document automatically replaces the document attached to the transaction. Learn more about signature workflows.

This is a general description of workflow automation, to see how to create, attach, automatically fill documents for each different type of transaction (grant, share issuance, exercise), click here under Templating.