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In which countries and jurisdictions can Ledgy be used?

Ledgy can be used in all countries around the world. There are some different naming conventions but the backbone remains the same.

Below you can find examples of different names from different countries and the corresponding names in Ledgy. The characteristics of each one can also be tracked in notes or share class names. 

  • France:
    • BSPCE → Ledgy: Warrant with strike price and/or vesting
    • BSA → Ledgy: Warrant with strike price and/or vesting
  • Germany:
    • Virtual shares → Ledgy: Phantom shares with or without vesting and strike price
  • United States:
    • ISO, NSO → Ledgy: Options with time-based or performance vesting
    • SAR → Ledgy: Phantoms with performance-based vesting if given as a cash bonus. Options with strike price and vesting if exercised to shares.
    • RSA → Share issuance with reverse vesting
    • RSU → Ledgy: Option with time-based vesting and/or liquidation event
    • Performance Shares, Performance Units → Phantom shares with or without performance-based vesting.

Companies from the countries below are currently using Ledgy to keep track of their equity