What transactions can I add on Ledgy?

A short explanation of each of the available Ledgy transactions

Financing round

Adding a financing round allows you to quickly add multiple investments within a financing round. You also have the option of setting up an employee pool.

For each round, you get to define the Event Name, Share Class and Share Price. Within each round, every investment transaction will contain information on: stakeholder name, investment amount and number of shares.

These transactions can also be edited at a later point.

Convertible loan

Add a convertible loan with all parameters: cap, discount, interest, expiry, etc. For each convertible loan, a "Convert to Shares" button allows you to create a linked Share Issuance transaction to record and track the conversion.


Add a transfer of shares between two stakeholders or legal entities. For each transfer, an optional field captures the transfer price recorded.

Issue shares

Add a single share issuance for one stakeholder/entity.


Add a share price that will determine the valuation at that point in time. Ledgy supports various types of valuation events: Company valuation, 409(A) (US), EMI (UK),, CSOP (UK) and Fair value. Find out more here.

Class conversion

Convert a stakeholder's shares to a different share class.

Stock split

A stock split will split existing shares up to the date of the stock split based on the split factor set.

Adding a stock split allows you to easily manage transactions dated before the split as Ledgy automatically adjusts the number of shares.

Shares decrease

Cancel shares that are currently owned by a stakeholder/entity. Total number of shares in the company will be decreased.


Distribute dividends to all stakeholders of a certain share class.


Add a cash payout to an individual stakeholder.