Generating Reports For External Use

You can now use our Documents > Reports page to easily create, customize and export your reports

Type of Reports

Currently, you can create two types of reports:

  • Custom - create your own custom reports by adjusting columns and groupings
  • EMI Notification (EMI notification template) - quickly generate and download an EMI notification template (EMI01) report to file to HMRC

In the future, we will incorporate further report's presets (e.g. EMI40, etc.) in order to simplify and facilitate your future filing.

EMI Notification Template prerequisites

In order to be able to generate an EMI notification template, it is necessary to first:

  • insert your past EMI valuations
  • have an EMI plan set up
  • insert your stakeholders' NIN as a custom field

EMI Valuations

To add your past EMI Valuation transactions:

  1. Go to the Ownership > Transactions page
  2. Click on + Add Transaction > Valuation
  3. On the window that will pop up, under "Valuation type" select EMI (UK)
  4. Insert the AMV and UMV price per share of that valuation, and its Expiry date
  5. Click Save

Repeat the steps above to add your additional past EMI Valuations.

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EMI plan set up

There are two options to set up an EMI Plan:

a. Changing an existing Option's Plan to an EMI Plan

b. Creating a new EMI Plan


a. Changing an existing Option's Plan to an EMI Plan

If you had already set up an Options' Plan before we released this feature, and you'd now like to change this plan into an EMI plan, kindly follow the instructions below (if you're creating a new EMI plan, see the following section)

  1. Go to Equity Plans > Plans
  2. Hover over the plan you'd like to change into an EMI plan, click on the Three Dot Menu > Edit initial plan
  3. On the window that will pop up, change the "Grant type" from Options to EMI
  4. Click Save

Note: if you haven't yet inserted your past EMI valuations, you'll see several errors, similar to the example below, indicating that your grants don't have a valid EMI valuation - to solve these errors you should add your past EMI valuations

Untitled (2)


b. Creating a new EMI Plan

If you're creating a new EMI plan, kindly follow the instructions below:

Note: in order to create a plan, you first need to create a Pool

  1. Go to Equity Plans > Plans
  2. Click on the + Add plan button
  3. On the window that will pop up, insert the Plan's Name, From which Pool it draws grants, the date of creation, and under "Grant type", select EMI
  4. Click Save


National Insurance Number - NIN

To store your stakeholders' NIN on Ledgy it is necessary to create a stakeholders' custom field called "NIN".

On the Stakeholders page, when creating or editing a stakeholder, click on "Custom stakeholder details" and create a custom field named "NIN:" followed by the stakeholder's NIN number (kindly refer to the example below).

Note: the custom field needs to be named exactly "NIN:" so that it's correctly retrieved on the EMI Reports page

Untitled (3)


Generating an EMI notification template

After ensuring all the necessary requisites above have been set up, you may:

  1. Go to the Documents > Reports page
  2. On the top-left corner, select EMI Notification
  3. Under Settings, define the From and To date
  4. Check the EMI Notification form preview at the bottom of the page, and click on the Download button, to export the report to excel

To then submit the EMI notification, download the UK government’s EMI notification template, and fill it in by copy and pasting from the excel export (the format and column order are the same)