Stakeholder groups

Stakeholders can be added to pre-defined or custom groups.

Stakeholders usually belong to certain groups, e.g. Advisors, Investors, Employees, Founders, etc.

Add stakeholders to groups

  1. One by one
    1. Go to the Stakeholders page
    2. Edit the Stakeholder
    3. Under the field "Group" select an existing group or add a new one
  2. Bulk
    1. On the Stakeholders page, in the top right corner click "Bulk"
    2. A list of all stakeholders appears
    3. Under the column "Group" type the name of the group you'd like the stakeholder to belong

Where are the groups used?

  1. Cap table page
    One of the views of the cap table is by group, meaning the distribution of the holdings is displayed in the "total sum per group"
  2. Sharing
    You can share information with the whole group.
    How to share information with a group of stakeholders