What to do when an employee leaves the company temporarily? (e.g. parental leave)

Employees do not always stay for the full vesting schedule of their options. Ledgy supports custom vesting schedules to keep track of these instances.

If they are leaving temporarily (for example parental leave):  

Go to the Equity Plans page, search for the employee who left, click to see their options, and then click on the three dots on the right hand side to Edit the grant. Once there, you will be able to edit the vesting schedule. In this case, it is best to use custom vesting. To use this option, click on Type and select Time (custom)

If we take for example an employee with a 4 year vesting plan, who left in the third year for parental leave, the custom vesting schedule would look something like this: 

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 3.50.03 PM

In that third year in which the employee is on leave, 0% would be vested. 

Note that the percentages have to be adjusted depending on the actual time passed before the leave began and the time remaining. In this case it is 25% = 12/60 (12 months = duration before leaving, 60 months = 4 years + 1 total vesting period).