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Which access rights are available?

You can give stakeholders and other people 4 different access levels to your company: Owner, admin, view, portfolio. This article explains what they can see and do, and how you can invite them.


Permissions: An owner can do anything in your company. On top of what admins can do, owners can:

  • Manage billing: adding or canceling a subscription.
  • Publish: make new transactions or changes to existing ones accessible to people with view or portfolio access.
  • Changing access rights: upgrade stakeholders to view, admin, or owner access. Read below how to invite stakeholders.

Email notifications

  • For critical actions: For the above actions an email notification to all other owners of the company is sent. This way everyone in charge has the security of knowing if something important happens.
  • Weekly digest: Read more about this below.



  • An admin can view everything and edit most of the things in your company. They can't do some critical actions listed above, which only owners can do.
  • An admin can request owners to publish information. When clicking Publish, admins see a Request Publish button, which will inform all owners of the company.
  • Admins can't change access levels, but they can invite stakeholders. Read more below how to invite stakeholders.

Email notifications:

  • Admins get a weekly digest of important events. Read more about this below.


Permissions: Viewer access gives people access in the following ways:

  • Viewers can view the dashboard, ownership pages, equity plans, documents, investor relations, but cannot edit any of those.
  • Viewers can only see published transaction information. This means that changes by owners or admins are not visible to them until they publish.

Email notifications: Viewers only get notified, if their own access level was changed.


Permissions: Portfolio access gives people access in the following ways:

  • The company can share KPIs, reports, and documents with them
  • The company can invite them to sign documents
  • They will see their stake in their personal portfolio. This includes the transactions they're involved in and the documents attached to those transactions. In their dashboard they will see the percentage, the number of shares and the value of their stake according to the latest valuation transaction.

Email notifications

  • Important events of the transactions they are involved in, like vesting cliff or end or convertible maturities.
  • Notifications of newly published information by owners, if this results in their portfolio dashboard numbers to change. Owners can deactivate this notification when publishing.

Changing access levels and inviting

To invite a stakeholder to Ledgy, just go to the Stakeholder page, find the stakeholder you want to invite, and click the Invite button. This prompts you to verify the email (or add one), choose the desired access level, and confirm by clicking Invite.

Who can invite or change access: Both owners and admins can invite stakeholders, but only owners can change access levels to viewer, admin, or owner.

Changing access after inviting: After inviting a stakeholder, owners can change the access level by clicking the menu on the right-hand side and choosing Change Access.

Re-inviting: As long as the stakeholder hasn't accepted the invitation yet, a Re-invite button is shown. Owners and admins can click the button to resend the invitation email.

See who accepted the invitation: After a stakeholder accepts the invitation, you will see the access level they have instead of the Invite button.

Expiration: Invitations expire after 30 days. 

Weekly Email Digest Notifications

Every Monday morning, an email digest is sent to both admins and owners, with information about transaction events (vesting, maturity, expiration), open invitations, open signature requests, and more useful information. 

Viewers and stakeholders with Portfolio access don't get these notifications.